About US:

We are one of the finest Broadcast/TV Production Company in New York (USA) and mostly work with main stream indian tv channels such as B4U Music, B4U Movies, Zee TV, Star Plus etc.


TV Host / anchor

Where will it telecast:

The show will telecast in "B4U Music" & "B4U Movies" all over USA, Canada & Europe.


Will pay cash or check.

Shoot Details: 

  • Shoot once a week (Monday or Tuesday)

  • Shoot length usually 2-3 hour

  • Shoot Location: Dhaka

  • Possible shoot dates:

    • Jan 30th or 31st

    • Feb 6th or 7th

    • Feb 13th or 14th

    • Feb 20th or 21st

    • Feb 27th or 28th

  • The show will be in English

  • We will be filming on green screen

  • we will be using Teleprompter (no need to memorize script)

show Details:

Please click the link below to watch our previous episodes:

Hollywood Update: https://youtu.be/W64XjWS2I7k?list=PLYAH2IuAcYXyz9e7oGdgk7WXq2nSY9j9m

Bollywood Post: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cw6Qmdfebdo



  • Flexible hours

  • Will telecast in main stream indian TV channel

  • Will telecast in USA, Canada, Europe

  • very good opportunity to build your portfolio

  • Work with International Company

  • Good paycheck


  • Smart, good looking with attractive personality

  • Have to be very very good in english.

  • Must have a charming personality

  • Knowledge/Interest in Hollywood & Bollywood.

How To Apply:

Send your portfolio to: info@nydreams.com


Serious inquires only: +1 347 605 6127 (Fahim Feroj)